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Furniture hoist/lift
Furniture hoist

A furniture lift for better results!

  • Maximum lifting height of 20 meters (about 6 storeys)
  • 200 kg loading capacity
  • Setting up and taking down the furniture hoist can last 15 minutes for each operation

The furniture elevator has the following advantages:

  • Your furniture is moved faster (and thus more cost-effectively) and at less risk.
  • The building's stairways and lift are spared bumping and scraping. Your neighbor's never are spared as well!
  • The furniture hoist is mounted on a trailer and can thus be placed and installed quickly and precisely, without losing time.
  • The bearing surface can be a perfectly level platform or its edges can be raised to from a basket, depending on what is needed.

The furniture hoist can be hired as an option in a full removal package or separately with an operator.

We are mainly active in all the following places in Switzerland:

Basel - Solothurn - Aargau - Zurich - Zug - Schaffhausen
Geneva - Vaud - Neuchâtel - Valais - Jura - Berne 
Prices for the rental of the Furniture Lift
Rental per hour with an operator 155.00
Rental per hour with an operator + a vehicle
Each additional mover + 60.00

Daily prices

Furniture lift rental without an operator

Rental up to 4 hours (half-day) incl. Transport, installation and removal 540.00
Rental up to 8 hours (full-day) incl. Transport, installation and removal

Fill in our online quote formular or contact us by email or phone for any questions or information. We remain at your service at all time!

Phone: +41 61 373 00 30

In order to evaluate if we can use the furniture lift at the place requested, we advise you to send us pictures of the front building. One from the window to the street and another one from the street to the window.

We will also need to know if we have to install parking ban signs minimum 48 hours prior to the service. This is a service that we also do for you!
For furniture hoist rental we invoice a minimum of 1.5 hour
Any last minute cancellation will still be charged
079 649 05 97